Pokemon Go is probably the hottest craze right now. Niantic Studios and Nintendo, the developers and the publisher of the game, respectively, are constantly working hard to improve the game.

Now, a question that may pop up in everyone’s mind is this: what happens when you reach the level cap in the game?

For those of you who do not know, the current level cap in Pokemon Go is level 40. Now, it might seem impossible for now to reach that level but a Reddit user that goes by the name “name_problemz” said that he has reached the level cap but he used some form of script to do it.

You see, as the game currently stands right now, it will be nearly impossible for you to reach level 40 today without the use of some sort of magic.

Even if you play the game non-stop since its launch, you will not be able to reach level 40 because of the level scaling.

Name_problemz shared his experience in his quest to reach level 40. He said that once you hit level 30, the experience gain is so minimal that it would take forever to level your character up.

If you play for say, 5 hours a day, it will take you nearly 5-7 days just to get one level once you reach level 30.

The level grind is real, I tell you. Now, if that is true, how come name_problemz was actually able to pull it off?

Name_problemz actually admitted that he used a leveling script where his Pokemon Go character will still train even he is not doing anything.

He didn’t go to the nitty gritty details about his level exploits but that is basically how he was able to reach level 40.

So the question now is, what happens when you reach the current level cap? Apparently, nothing special.

The Reddit user actually made a screenshot of the rewards and well, you get 40 pcs of Hyperball, some potions, some incense, and some Lucky eggs, and that’s basically it!

There are no special Pokemon, there are no special rewards; there is only a set of rewards that you can get even in level 30.

Although John Hanke did say that there are still undiscovered Easter Eggs in the game, reaching the proverbial max level doesn’t have any Easter Eggs that come with it.

Just remember, this guy had to use a script in order to reach the level cap because it is nearly impossible for anyone to reach that level without some sort of trickery.

Currently, Niantic is busy fixing the servers and dishing the game out worldwide. Hopefully, they will now focus more on the game content as well as the level scaling.

They should make the game more noob-friendly because this game is all about casual fun and excitement.

If you’re wondering what name_problemz did with his Pokemon Go account, he actually messaged Niantic and told them to delete the account for cheating.

He made that account solely for the purpose of research. Well, I hope that Niantic will truly do something about the level scaling in the near future.

Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic and published by Nintendo. This game is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones.

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